Liana (liana) wrote,

Nothing is more beautiful to me or more comforting to my soul than to see my family meeting eternally significant goals together. It's how I felt the first time I went to the temple. It's how I felt at mine and Corwin's wedding (two separate weddings, not our mutual wedding, because that's not legal). It's how I felt when Loradona went to the temple for the first time. It's how I felt today at Caelie's baptism. If I could put that feeling of security and right-with-the-world-ness in a bottle and give it in small doses to today's youth, I would. If I could give myself that dose every day, I would. It just might be what we all need to maintain the eternal perspective that will soon be all that matters (very soon--earthquakes in diverse places sound familiar? Volcano in Iceland? I think I'll keep my scriptures and my 72 hour kit together).
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