Liana (liana) wrote,

a new perspective

Well, originally I wanted to post my house repair woes, but then my husband read me something that changed my perspective. so, I'm going to share both. Once upon a time, a faint scurrying could be heard from my heating ducts. I called a duct cleaning company who advised me to put a trap in the duct and call them back when I found a mouse in it. Well, I didn't do that, and after awhile my sister started calling the scurrying "Herman." Time passed and I suppose Herman was comfortable because he smelled like he was quite at home in my ducts. I called a different company this time. They came out and "treated" Herman and set up an appointment to clean Herman's "comfortableness" out of the ducts. "That was easy." Well, the duct cleaning guy came and discovered that although the ductwork in the front of the house was sturdy, the ductwork in the back was plastic--and in shreds. On top of that, he discovered mold and several inches of water (one usually leads to the other) in our crawl space, and refused to go down there to fix the ducts until the mold was gone. Of course, his company didn't do that. So, my sister finds a mold expert who comes out and says that the water accumulation is due to the clogged gutters running over onto the ground and into the crawl space vents that are too close to the ground. also, the gaping hole in the side of the foundation for the crawl space (on the outside of the house) wasn't helping matters either. He informed us he would come back to dry out the crawl space and treat the mold when the gutters, vents, and crawl space opening were fixed. The task fell to Onecimo to fix. He had planned to clean the gutters anyway, so no big deal there, just one long day of hard work. He came up with a great idea for covering the crawl space opening, but he had no idea how to create a new opening (the mold guy had to get down there somehow). Finally, the solution for the foundation vents was vent dams. Apparently, they are $20 apiece, and we needed 9. Ouch. No biggie, we just got our tax refund (thank you tithing blessings). So, we go the home depot and purchase the dams. We get home and discover that Onecimo had quite a lot of digging to do under the vents before the dams will fit. Once that was finished, he discovered that he needed concrete nails and a nail gun. I am beginning to think that the work will never be finished and our house will be moldy and stinky forever. But it doesn’t help to get discouraged, so we went back to the home depot and rented a nail gun. Several hours later, Onecimo had the dams all in place, and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that we could finally take a step forward after the many steps back we had taken from our original plan of cleaning the ducts. The mold expert came, admired my brilliant husband’s handy work (Heavenly Father has taught many great men: The brother of Jared, Nephi, and my husband), and set a time for the drying to commence. The drying would take 4-5 days. The next morning I came home to a constant hum under the house—industrial dryers for the crawl space. Well, at least we were moving forward. The day after that, the humming suddenly stopped in the back part of the house. Evidently there is only one breaker for the entire family room: TV, computer, satellite, exercise bike, lights, and now industrial dryers. Apparently the breaker can only handle one of those things at a time, so guess what we picked: industrial dryers. That is where we currently are in the process. I still have hope that we’ll get the vents cleaned before Xavi’s birthday party (in three weeks). Now, for the change in perspective. Our Herman problems started when Onecimo left for México in December. In my current pregnant state, I have been advised to vacate my house until it has been cleansed of all things moldy and hermanesque. You can imagine that I have asked myself many times “why me?” “why my house?”. Then Onecimo read me an article from the Ensign that included this scripture: “All these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?” D&C 122:7-8. Yes, it’s been a frustrating four months, but more than anything I need to recognize that I have not been alone.
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