Liana (liana) wrote,

In February of last year I bought my first house. I moved into this house with my husband, one-year-old son, my sister, and her two girls. I was pregnant at the time. Since then, I have another friend who moved in with her three girls. The house really doesn't seem bursting and I have never lacked company...until now. This is the very first time since I bought the house that I have been alone in it. My husband is in Mexico, my mom has been babysitting for me while Onecimo is in Mexico, and she offered to transport. So, I came home from work to await the delivery from my mom. My sister left to take her kids to their dad's, and my other neighbor is not home yet with her kids. I don't know what to do with myself. I keep waiting for someone to come home. I guess I wasn't ready to be alone. Kendra's home now. Phew. I'm so weird.
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