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I hate making phone calls!

I don't know what my aversion to the phone is. In November I decided to order new contacts. I ordered them through 1-800-contacts, who told me that my prescription has expired. It has taken me until now to call the eye clinic to let them know that I can't go get an eye exam in my current pregnant state. The first time I called, my phone kept cutting in and out. The second time I called (on a different phone this time), I got hung up on (please excuse horrible grammar). So, on still a different phone, I called again, whereas I was informed that my prescription has, in fact, not expired, and is still good until May of 2008 (conveniently, that's when I'm due, so I will at that time be able to get an eye exam and an updated prescription). Then I was informed that the person in the office at the clinic that orders the contacts was on the phone, and I could call her later. Now I'm back to calling 1-800-contacts. Could all of this fiasco been avoided in November? I think so. My dear sister Kendra, out of the goodness of her heart, made the final phone call for me, and waited on hold while once again the party of the first part called the party of the second part to confirm said prescription non-expiration date. Sigh.
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