Liana (liana) wrote,

Yesterday Onecimo, Kendra, and I went house shopping. We looked at eight different houses, and actually liked several of them! We narrowed it down to two that we're debating about: the one Onecimo REALLY likes and the one Kendra REALLY likes. The one I REALLY like is a bit outside our price range, so I'll just bask in the excitement of the other two. I still can't believe it's real that we're buying a house. In a matter of months (or even weeks) I could be in a house with a living room AND a family room. I could go out into my back yard (a feat that right now would leave me plummeting down three stories). I could turn up my music and jump up and down on the floor and the neighbors won't hear me!!!! The wall will be ALL MINE! I won't have to share them with anyone!!! And...I'll have a to baby proof again.
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