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Can Anybody Hear me?

Honestly, I think I post for my benefit only because I hardly ever post, and honestly, I don't think anybody else reads it. However, I could use a friendly pick me up, so if you do read, please reply. Here's the official Duran update: I'm FINALLY on Christmas Break!!!! My sixth graders are wonderful, but we were all ready for the break. Side note: I played Mad Gab with my family a couple of weeks ago, and I discovered that both my dad and I are excellent at this game. We believe it is due to the large amount of time we have spent listening to foreign accents. I'm 20 weeks pregnant (I celebrated "half way day" on Wednesday). I still take anti-nausea medication in the morning, and instead of calling this one a monkey, my mother has helped me to dub it the kangaroo, based on the strength and early onset of the kicks. This one is a boy, too, so Onecimo and I are stumped about what to call him, but we're very excited to have another boy. Onecimo just had the screw taken out of his ankle (he had it for exactly six months) yesterday. He's in a lot of pain. David's (read DahVEED) vocabulary knows how to say please and thank you in English and Spanish. He can say how he's doing, what his name is, and how old he is when asked (and in public everyone asks cuz he's so darn cute). I think I'll close there. How's your holiday going?
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