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I can't believe I haven't posted since August. This school year has been much more enjoyable that last school year. I have 22 students, mostly boys. I have one very...uh....charismatic young man. He's quite girthy as well. In October he got stuck in the corner between the sink and a bookcase. I'm standing up in front of the class, and they're all quiet and ready to receive instruction, when I hear "Mrs. Duran...I'm stuck." This same student wrote a story about a leprechaun that was looking for gold in my student's kitchen. He found a pie that he thought was gold, but it was actually banana. He stole the pie, and was looking in the garbage, so my student pushed him in. At the end of the story he got his pie back and some gold, too. When I asked him where the gold came from, he said, "It fell out of his pockets, but it's not in my story because it's a deleted scene."
David has grown quite a bit. His first word was "stinky", and he can stand but refuses to walk as yet. He can also say "maMA" "paPA" "si" and "callate" He's learning to feed himself with a fork or spoon --yes, he's learned that they're not just for playing with.
For the last couple of days I've been watching my parents' animals while they're away. Between getting the animals to eat the food and getting David not to, I'm pretty tired. Oh! and I moved! I'm in ...TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT! I rejoice in the fact that David now has his own room. REJOICE!
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