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Just another day

David woke up at 2:23am to eat. *insert bleary-eyed Liana* My brain is swimming with the millions of things that I'm supposed to do today, yet I can't quite get a fix on any of them. I love my baby dearly, but I never thought I'd miss my job so much. I miss teaching. I miss my kids. I miss my colleagues. I miss planning an executing interesting lessons. I miss all the interesting twists that my kids always added to those lessons. Everyday I do the ordinary stuff to keep life going--pay the bills, make appointments, do the laundry, clean the house, get the mail, etc. I did all those things when I was working. How is it possible that they now take the entire day? I need to get out more. I find myself getting excited when I watch Orissa's and Kendra's kids together--making seven in total. It feels more like school that way, except they're not all the same age. In fact, I get a lot of funny looks (*Are those all HER kids?*) Anyway, I guess today's goal will be to look for the exciting amidst the mundane.
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