Liana (liana) wrote,

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A Little Overwhelmed

I'm trying to become sane again after having David. It's going to be a long road. Myself as I knew me has completely changed. I don't remember things like I used to, I'm far less patient, and I have completely different responsibilities. I wonder if I'll be excited to go back to teaching in the Fall, even though it means I have to leave David to do it. My head is spinning with details about vaccinations and taxes and legal proceedings. Mom suggested that I play the glad game. What is it about my worries that I can be glad about? I'm glad I have a loving husband and a healthy baby. I'm glad we have the means to straighten out our taxes, etc. I'm glad I don't have to go through this all by myself. I feel better already. Time to go the chiropractor and get straightened out some more.
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